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We train our emotional intelligence, empathy and emancipation; we learn to talk about our feelings, to open up and to get closer to others
Hardcore practice
Empathy is one of the foundations of understanding and of strong, deep relationships with the people around us. We will learn its basics and practice this skill together!

Empathy allows us to listen and hear people differently. With it we learn to trust other people and at the same time trust ourselves. It will be useful to absolutely everyone who wants to pump up their emotional intelligence and learn to communicate better, more pleasantly and more effectively.
Four sessions a month
Natalia Menon
Four sessions a month (20$ / session)
A Practitioner of Nonviolent Communication. MA Human Resourses and Consulting. Nonviolent Communication Center (CNVC) Certification Candidate
An effervescent mixture of acting, oratory and breathing practices. We will learn to feel freedom and ease in dealing with people. We will learn to see, not be afraid, and accept ourselves.

The goal of this connection room is to get the tools to feel confident in your interactions with others, to forget about shyness, and to learn how to communicate in a way that makes you feel good.
Four sessions a month
Four sessions a month (20$ / session)
Leading teacher and coach in acting, public speaking and empowerment
Immerse yourself in a safe environment, focus on the other person, and practice deep conversation.

The Proximity room is a place where you will learn to talk about yourself in a way that makes people recognize YOU, not some superficial information about you. We will learn and practice having a conversation that fosters a deep connection between people.
Four sessions a month
Four sessions a month (15$ / session)
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